Advantageous time to finance a car with credit. You can also conclude a conventional, ie non-binding installment loan for the purchase of a car.

Buying a car: personal loans or leasing – what is better?

Buying a car: personal loans or leasing - what is better?

He is the favorite toy of man and at the same time a symbol for maximum mobility and certainly also for the success of life: the car rental! Every new model is looked at with greater care and you often see people with big eyes in front of the dream car – according to the motto: One day I will have such a vehicle!

The problem with all of this is that very few people have as much coal in the fast lane as a new vehicle can afford at regular intervals. Nonetheless, there is the will and so the financing question arises: personal loan from the house bank or rent?

If you look at the statistics, the vehicle is changed on average every 5 years! According to a study by the GfK (Association for Consumer Research), around 47% of the installment loans are earmarked for the purchase of cars on behalf of the banking association. The classic car loan is far ahead of the leasing business in this respect, and there are good arguments for that.

At first glance, a loan for a vehicle may seem rather unfavorable,

At first glance, a loan for a vehicle may seem rather unfavorable,

As classic car loans are always earmarked, which results in the banks requiring the borrower to buy a vehicle. The reason is that the house bank views the purchased vehicle as collateral, which is why the customer usually has to deposit the vehicle title at the house bank.

Legally, the house bank is the owner of the vehicle.

Especially with new vehicles, models or devices are often very cheap private loans available. A serious option is leasing? Lease a car is always better than a personal loan for a vehicle when it comes to always having the latest vehicle. After expiry of the lease, the end-of-life vehicle will be returned and upon request, a current copy can be purchased again – also by renting.

Especially for companies and freelancers leasing offers for tax considerations, but also for private individuals is increasingly the opportunity to buy a new car without tax benefits. Basically, you should always keep one thing in mind when leasing: Leases are not a purchase, but a vehicle rental with monthly installment.

So the car is still in the dealer’s possession.

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